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International Financial Markets and AI:


Gauss Econometrica is involved in the research, development and testing of advanced financial forecasting systems based on state-of-the-art time series analysis and artificial intelligence techniques.

Gauss Econometrica has been involved in that business since 1986. The firm pioneered the design of the first canadian tactical asset allocation systems based on neural network technologies for a major portfolio management firm with more than $5 billions under management. It acted as a scientific, technical and economic adviser to major canadian financial institutions in quantitative economics and risk and portfolio management; software and database evaluation, programming and training.

Gauss has acquired an extensive experience in the field of tactical asset allocation, sector rotation models, equity style management models and stock picking models using radically new concepts and a comprehensive understanding of the macrodynamic of international financial markets and business cycles. The firm is presently working on short and medium-term stock volatility forecasting and world wide business intelligence for portfolio and marketing strategists.

The firm has an extensive business network and is in constant contact with international research centers in the field of artificial intelligence, finance and macroeconometrics.

* On-Site and Distance Training in Neural Network and Econometric Modeling

* International Business Intelligence in Finance, Telecom, MultiMedia, IT, Aerospace and Biopharmaceutical Industries

* Custom Documentary Research for Institutional Portfolio Management

Mr.Sylvain Gauthier, President and Chief Economist